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Multi Photo Cat Layout with Interactive Element using Just Because / Suzanna Lee

Hiya scrappy peeps! Suzanna here today to share with you my first blog post for Bella Blvd! This week we are featuring not only the gorgeous Just Because collection but also acrylics. Bella Blvd acrylics are available in words and shapes and can be used in a variety of ways, I love the dimension that they add to projects!

Here's my layout;


There are two rows of 4x6 photo's of our grey tabby, Luna. No doubt, over the year, you will see plenty of Ms Luna. Behind each row is a 4x6, slightly skew, to frame the photos. The top 4x6 is a piece of the coordinating acetate that has been cut to size while the bottom is a cut apart. This offset creates some movement on the page and "breaks the grid", something I strive to do whenever working on seemingly boxy photo arrangements.


The top/left photo from the top row is a tip out! Or openable. It's interactive. The right edge of the photo has been scored to enable a crease for ease of opening and closing. A tab sticker from the Doohickey sticker sheet is used as the "handle". An acrylic heart secures this, holding the tab down. In order to open the tip out, slide the tab out from the top/right corner of the acrylic heart and open. This reveals another of the cuttables from Daily Details with a phrase saying "you make me so happy" on the backside of the photo as well as a tag with the journaling.


The headers and footers of the layout are simply a 1/2 inch strip of the multi color striped Moments patterned paper with the full length of a border sticker from Doohickey either underneath or on top. Layering a solid (or tone on tone pattern) like this grounds the multi color and provides a solid foundation for the beginning and end of the page.


This simple title "love" is also a Bella Blvd acrylic, from the collection of Acrylic Words. Approximately half of the word is white on white which helps maintain the white space of this bottom/right corner and yet the depth of the acrylic creates shadow which draws your eye to the word thus making you aware of it. 


Scattered through out the layout are two additional acrylic hearts as well as a mix of BellaPops bees and butterflies, ephemera butterflies and bees and epoxy and puffy sticker flowers. These add a bit of whimsy and movement to the layout that again distracts you from the rigidity of the grid of photos.

I hope I've inspired you today to consider incorporating acrylics into your creations for their usefulness in securing openables, adding dimension and creating shadow. Or just because! See you next time my friends!

All the best! - Suzanna


Just Because collection: Patterned papers, Doohickey (12x12 Sticker Sheet), Ephemera Icons, Epoxy Stickers, Puffy Stickers, To You From Me Clear Cuts (Acetate)

Acrylics: Love & Promise Acrylic Words, Hearts Acrylic Shapes



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