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September 30, 2016


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This is an awesome giveaway. I love making m own cards because I just like giving something handmade. To me it is more special when made with love


I'm so excited for your products being in the latest magazine issue! My favourite thing about making cards is that it is personalised for the person you are giving it to. When you've been creating as long as I have my family members ( ok maybe just my parents) look forward to seeing what I create. No two cards are ever the same. A handmade cards says: I love you enough to use my time to make something special for you. So basically there are a number of reasons why I like to make cards.

Laurie Black

The hop is fabulous! So many different styles and techniques, really great examples of how to use the products, thanks for the inspiration! I love to make handmade cards that are unique and tailored to the recipient.


Handmade cards are so personal & really show the person receiving them that you made an extra effort to cheer them. Thanks.

Katie Van Schenck

What a fun hop to a bunch of bloggers I hadn't visited before. thanks! I especially loved Always Stampin's idea of file folder mini albums! Great idea! I love IF's products!


Great inspiration on all of the blogs today. Enjoyed the "hop". My favorite thing about making cards is that I get to personalize each one for the recipient. I can use their favorite colors and design the card with their tastes and preference in mind!!

Summer McNellis

Everyone's cards are so beautiful! There is nothing more special than a handmade cars from someone you love! The blog hop was so fun! Learned many new bible journaling hacks that I can't wait to use! Hand crafted cards would be great idea for up coming events and occasions. Something about crafting things like cards really focuses my mind on the Lord so I can really acknowledge the beauty he has created around me and what better way to celebrate that than by crafty cards?!

Kathy Jo Camacho

I love making cards because I know when they open up the envelope they are smiling! (Love to make people smile!) Thanks for all the fabulous designs you provide to me to be creative!

Jean Marmo

I love sending home made cards because they are always a surprise. Each one is different!

Lara M

I love being able to create something really specific to that person. It's fun and I get to craft 💖.

Jean Bullock

My favorite thing about creating handmade cards is that I am able to tailor them to the recipients and I am able to give them a little bit of my self via my creativity.


Definitely the uniqueness is the best part of one of a kinda things like cards. I love the expression people make when they see something that was made just for them, especially when you add some personalization!


I am crazy for Illustrated Faith and all its bits!!❤️❤️❤️ I love card making, because, honestly it makes people Super happy to get something pretty I made. (Ok, really it makes my mom super happy, but she's people!! Lol)


I like to send gifts of encouragement. This would be a great kit to have. I love the different textures/colors/ designs!!

Linda Klieber

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and the opportunity to win such an awesome giveaway. Not sure what happened, but my comments sometimes appeared with different sign-ins: some were my email address info, some were an old blog site I no longer use, etc . . . so I'm not sure how you will tell I visited each blog, but I did and they were awesome. Thanks again. LK

Amy Cooley

I enjoy the process of creating something original and from the heart. I love blessing others through my crafting.

Kristy Lynn

This was my first blog hop and I loved all the different techniques and ideas from all the bloggers!! My favorite thing about handmaking cards is that it's a personalized original for someone and it just shows how much love and care you are sending to them!! Thank you for putting this together!


I love to make cards. No two are ever alike and I can make each card according to the receivers interests. I also make them as small signs to hang at home, work and church. Love your ideas.

Piano lover 97

I love this! I love making cards because I feel like it is so much more meaningful for someone to receive something you made yourself especially for them. And love being crafty!

Summer McNellis

This is such an amazing give away! Making homemade cards is so personable and really touches the heart for the people receiving them.

Koren Leggett

My favorite part about making cards is seeing the smiles on the faces of those who receive them. ❤️❤️

Hillary Wong

I love putting a card together and seeing how it blesses others!

Gilda (McStamper)

I love to make and give handmade cards. I think those who receive them feel special as the card is just for them. I also have started Bible journaling and love your stamps. Thanks for a great hop and chance to win.

Mary Kay

I am always so inspired when I follow the blogs, the cards are always beautiful. I love making cards and watching the expression of the person receiving it and how happy they are. Thats why I keep doing it.


What a great card!I would not have thought of using thread on a card;what a neat idea! I love adding unexpected patterns on cards. I think it makes them unique and fun!

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