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September 30, 2016


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What a great giveaway!! Love card making

Rebecca Ray

I love making handmade cards because I can tailor it specifically to the person I'm making it for.

Celeste B.

I love to brighten someone's day with a handmade card.

Denise Bennett

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's cards on the hop - have a lot of new ideas. Thanks


Always love making something special and unique for each card :)


My favorite thing about handmade cards is that it is very personal. The person receiving the card knows that you took time out of your busy life to think about him/her and create something special, and more valuable than any gift.

Janet VanLeeuwen

So inspiring! Thank you for sharing and I would be thrilled if you picked me. Thanks so much.

Sharon Click

My favorite thing about making a homemade card is the joy and happiness it brings to the person receiving it. I love surprising someone with a card that I made especially for them. As I create a card just for them, I have an opportunity to say a prayer. It brings me joy to share my love of paper crafting and my love for Jesus to pray as I create. It makes for a beautiful day!

Sue D

Love this collection. FAbulous card. I like the process of making cards and the delight on the recipient's face when they receive it.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Dyan Kirkpatrick

My favorite thing, besides just creating something, is knowing how much the recipient appreciates receiving a hand made card. And I can express myself exactly as I want to.

{vicki} in ga



I love making handmade cards so I can bring a smile to the recipients face or make their day!

Sherry Lowmaster

I love card making!it keeps my brain busy, lol and I can personalize them. great hop. thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Melissa Cervantez

I love card making because it lets me personalize anything from a journal to my bible. It's my way of expressing my creative side and when I add it to my bible I am able to illustrate my faith. Awesome giveaway!



Summer McNellis

Wow! I love card making because they are so special. Cards really make events and occasions intentional when you have a meaningful, original card!

ava gavloski

I enjoy customizing the card for the person I am giving the card to. thanks for sharing the love with all designers.

Luz Vargas

I love love love making cards and many crafts! I always do handmade stuff for my husband, family and friends! Win thi s prize will be amazing!!!!


I love making cards because I love seeing the joy it bring people to get something that's one of a kind. It's more personal and is altered just to what they would like. It never fails to bring a smile to their face. Anything to brighten a persons day.

Kim Barrera

I love to make all kinds of cards and these products would be great to use. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cody Doll

My favorite thing about hand making a card is how I know my love went into the making.

Kim Klinkovsky-My Kraft Kloset

Just lovely projects and so sorry about your family illness. I wish them a speedy recovery. My favorite thing about handmade cards is the smile and love I receive when I give somebody a special card. It's so rewarding and fills my heart with joy! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway opportunity!

Grace Islander

I love making cards because people appreciate it more when it is specially made for them! I certainly do!

Norma Rodriguez

Such an awesome giveaway and idea for a hop as well. I got so many great ideas for some cute cards that I will be making for friends and family!!


I love making cards to give because it shows the recipiant that I really care about them.

Mary Holshouser

I hope your family member is on the road to
recovery. I'm sure receiving this card
was cheering.
I like to make cards because it's a good way
for me to express my creativity - while
making something that I can give to someone
else and hope that it makes them happy and
know that I love them very much.
The hop was fantastic. I have several of
your stamp sets for my bible journaling - the
work so great.
thanks for having the hop and offering a gift.

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