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July 05, 2016


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Madeline Fox

Love the tabbies, clips, and tags!


I think the stamps are so cute! But love the stickers too! And the paper... All of it!

Christina Franks

Christmas has been a very difficult holiday for me for the past 19 years ever since half of my immediate family, including my little sister who had just turned 17 only 1 month prior, was killed, thus ending our long-held family traditions of how we spent ALL holidays together but especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I generally avoid the whole shop-until-you-drop and buy-before-you-die mentality that drives the commercial aspect of "the holidays." But I love this collection with its colorful whimsy that, at first glance, seems to keep things lighthearted. Yet the fact that it emphasizes Christ as the focal point of the holiday gives me hope that I could at least acknowledge it and can focus solely on Him as the reason for that particular holiday. I believe that these faith-based materials could help me in therapeutic ways to forgive and make peace with my tragic losses and could help me draw closer to God as my Father and Jesus as my Savior. May God bless each and every participant of these fabulous giveaways! My gratitude for Illustrated Faith and the Bible art journaling movement continues to grow alongside the Illustrated Faith brand and community of fellow believers and lovers of God's Word.

Myra Stinson

Christmas in July! The colors are a nice mix-up for the Christmas season. What's not to love.


Love everything about this collection. Especially the paper!

Bela Teixeira

Very nice. I love the retro style to this collection. Definitely going to keep an eye out. Great for the teen photos. :)

Jenny Johnson

I love the cardstock stickers!! Gorgeous!


I love it all! The clear cuts and paper clips are probably my favs! Looking forward to Christmas season even more now!!

Linda Gay

I love all that I have learned by following you! I know color in my Bible!

Mary-Anne V.

The images in this set are adorable...really love the colours too.

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