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May 27, 2016


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Cynthia B.

Congrats to Amy - and to Bella Blvd! Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

Linda M.

Love the layout! Congrats to Amy.

Falan from Canada

Already a member on the blog but I could cry in excitement for this company it keeps amazing me really. What a prefect and valuable addition to the company..



Deborah Rikard

Loved your first layout Amy and looking forward to what else you share with us. Welcome. Already a subscriber and enjoy my posts every day.

Amy Cooley

Welcome and thanks for the amazing giveaway!

Zsoka Marko

Gorgeous layout! All the best at Bella Blvd! X

Angela A

Loved your work space Amy! Thanks for the fun way of introducing yourself! Love what I see!

Marcia scantlin

I wondered what happened to you, Amy. I always enjoyed your layouts at 2 Peas. So glad you're back.


Welcome and congratulations.Your lucky to work for Bella Blvd and they are lucky to have you on board . Looking forward to the creative synergy! Love Bella Blvd!!!


Welcome and congratulations Amy!!! What a wonderful position to have!!!!


Welcome,Amy. I am already a subscriber but am looking forward to an even better Bella!


Welcome Amy and hearty congratulations.....a perfect addition to the already wonderful team of Bella blvd !!

Stacie D

Awesome news! Such a great team!

Karen B.

Welcome! Just signed up.

Shelly Jaquet

Awesome! Congratulations :)


Hi this is my first time in your page and I just felt in loved with it. I just subscribed to the emailing list! I would love to be informed of your products and posts xoxo

Jean Bullock

Welcome, Amy. Your layout looks fabulous! I signed up for the newsletter.

Tina Michael

Congrats, Amy!

Ruth Tacoma

Congrats Amy! I'm excited to know more about you and excited for what you are adding to the BB team!

Laura Turcotte

This is fantastic news! An awesome partnership, to say the least! Congrats!


Such an awesome addition to the Bella Blvd family! I'm a big fan of Amy's!


Amy!! I have always been a huge fan of your beautiful scrapbook pages....and while I completely understand the ebb and flow that is so much a part of creativity I have really missed seeing your work...
Glad to have you back at it!
And congratulations on your position at Bella Blvd - how awesome is that!


Welcome Amy!!! I'm very sure you are such a great addition to the team!!! I can't wait for blogs and posts ahead.

Anastasia M.

Congrats to Amy - I've been reading her blog and I like her style!


Congratulations, Amy! I'm so happy to see that you're happy!

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