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May 07, 2016


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I'm a vegetarian and absolutely love animals.

Charity Cram

Very random fact: When I was 6 months old my dad was holding me and roared at a jaguar at the zoo, which caused the animal to start spraying pee. My dad in his quick thinking used me as a shield...it's an absolute miracle my mom didn't kill him.

Celeste Brodnik

I recently traveled to South America for the first time and loved it. This collection would be perfect for these photos.


I drink instant coffee-and love it!

Kristin Dugenske

Random fact: I have my husband to thank for getting me back into scrapbooking and crafting. I always loved crafts as a kid, but lost interest once I graduated from college.

About 4 years ago, my husband and I were walking around Antioch, IL and he asked me if I had ever been in Hannah's Home Accents, which is a wonderful family-owned store that has a large scrapbook department. I hadn't, so he took me to check it out. I fell in love with the store and found myself spending more and more time in the scrapbook department. I haven't looked back since, lol. :D

Linda M.

I am in charge of my elementary school student and middle school students yearbooks! Talk about a major scrapbooking project.


My favorite season is summer!.

Anastasia M.

one random fact - I love traveling, but even more I love planning my trips.


I love turquoise

tiffany Mitchell

Since having my baby 10 months ago, I have yet to make a 12x12 traditional layout! Would love to win some new stuff to inspire me to get back in the habit of creating pages! Thanks for the chance!


Tanks for the chance to win! I'm using Bella papers today too :). Random fact about me....enjoying unemployment! Getting to clean things that normally don't, gardening and painting in the house! I love being home to greet my kids at the front door when they come home from school!


i have 3 kids ages 18 yrs - 11 yrs - and 3 yrs... you can say i've been having the 7 year itch :D

Jenna O

I love chocolate muffins :D Could eat them everyday.

D.Ann C

What a fun batch of layouts and inspiration!
I love cats, but can't have any!!

Suzann N

I could have pizza for lunch & dinner everyday! HAPPY NSD!!


Random fact - I have never traveled anywhere so wanting to win a travel collection seems a little silly but one can hope, right?!?! (To win the collection and go on a trip ;) )

Bri Johnson

So love this collection! My daughter is sitting here trying to help me come up with a random fact and it is totally not working. Apparently, I'm a super boring person! Now she's just making stuff up. Best I could come up with...I join in with my daughters class whenever they have a crazy hair day or fake injury day, I get a lot of weird looks while I'm grocery shopping, but it keeps life interesting!

Leonor Carrilho

random fact about me: I'm turning 15 years of married in 12th May

Stephanie Spielman

I eat Guittard Chocolate Chips like they are candy. I conducted a blind taste test of all different kinds of chocolate chips with my family and they agreed, Guittard is the best tasting by far.

Amy Cooley

I'm a night owl, but regret it every morning!

Michelle Salazar

At 62 I still splash in puddles, color outside the lines, play with chalk on the sidewalk,, tinker bell lives at my house and have a stuff bunny that goes with me when I travel.

Marcia scantlin

Love this collection


I'm an 80s music fan, would love to time travel back except scrapbooking wasn't as big back then!!! : )

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