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May 07, 2016


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Tammy Kist

(random fact): I have OCD and it always takes me too long to complete a page!

Carla Hundley

I had a shed built in
our backyard for my
craft room! Did it
right after I retired
and love it!
Carla from Utah

Michelle DiGiovanni

I love bluegrass music.

Sara Alonso

Random fact- I will be traveling for the first time to Europe in two months!
Real fact: this collection is perfect for all the memories!

Cynthia Baldwin

Random fact: I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was in my 30's...and I learned so that I could ride a bike before my toddler son could. ;)
Thanks for the chance to win - I love this collection, and we're going on a big summer trip overseas this year, so this would come in handy! Happy iNSD!

Karen K

Random fact- I'm a hoarder and I like it.

Janet Ingraham

Random fact about me: I have a craft room with carefully organized stacks, and pieces of shelf units to get them off the bed, in the living room. Hoping the two shall meet some day soon.

Nancy Angel

I recently became a grandmother for the first time to a beautiful baby girl. Thanks for another chance to win. Love your paper!!!!!

Jennifer Wymore

Tomorrow I will be married for 17 years! Love this collection! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Faye Warriner

Oh I so love this line. One random fact about me is I have only lived in cities that begin with "S". Sparks, NV, San Jose, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Spokane, WA and back to Sparks 😀


Random fact: We will be taking our son on his first airplane trip in September. He will be 16 months old and we are going to Germany.

Laura Gauthier Turcotte

Awesome--thank you for the chance!
Random fact--I cannot sing our national anthem (O canada) without tearing up, so I mouth the words.

colleen hawley

Thanks for the chance to win!! Random fact: I am a breast cancer surviver and mother of 5 girls!


I built a closet for clothes but it ended up being for my scrapbook supplies. 😕

Cindy deRosier

Random fact: When I was a teenager, I appeared on MTV with Pauly Shore.

Patricia Jernigan

I mess up my organized journaling desk every time I create...which means it's NEVER organized! Thanks for a chance to win more to add to my creative caos!!

Sandi Pressley

My legal name is Alexis but I have always been called Sandi. Thanks for an awesome day of blog posts.

Ashley Smith

I'm addicted to Barq's rootbeer. It's the only kind I will drink.

Lisa Evans

My husband and I live in the house I grew up in. We have been renovating our 1959 house for the past decade and while it looks very different from my childhood home, it is certainly strange for my friends to come to the same house for the past 20+ years.


Random Fact: I have been addicted to cherry chapstick for over 12 years. If my dog gets into it, it's almost always the last tube I have and immediately have to go to the store for more (once it wears off my lips burn).


It's been so much fun spending NSD with Bella Blvd.

Random Fact: I would rather have chips/salsa than something sweet.

Louise Spergel

random fact - I had an article written about me in a Mexican women's magazine and I don't speak one word of Spanish.

Jackie P

For 23 years of marriage I said We will never have a pet! Then after my second daughter left for college, I was so sad and got a puppy! It was the best decision EVER, except my daughters were upset that I waited until they left! It made them come home and visit a lot more often!! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Robin Buchholz

Thank you for a wonderful day filled with inspiration! Random fact, I'm a fraternal girl/boy twin and I had fraternal girl/boy twins naturally, they make the 7th set in my family.

Lisa Peeples

I'm old enough to have my first graduating from high school in a week! Still processing that.

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