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January 04, 2016


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Lisa M

You had me at the colors, but then you reeled me in with the fabulous idea of these postcards. I love that when someone comes to mind, I can grab one and drop them a quick line of encouragement and let them know I'm praying for them. And, really, lets face it, the only thing we find in our mailboxes anymore are a few bills and junk mail, how AWESOME would it be to open your mailbox and find one of these pretties staring back at you with a lovely sentiments from someone that cares about you.

Sandi Pressley

O love the colors and the awesome trendy fonts with the positive upbeat messages.


wow! what a great idea. one of my action items for the new year is a card/postcard ministry to those in my church and community who may need a dose of encouragement. these look like they would fit the bill quite nicely! well done.


wow! What a great product line! I love how colorful it all is!


I love sending notes out in snail mail! So excited for these new, fresh notes!

Carla Hayes

Oh how wonderful!!!

Carla Hayes

Love, Love, Love It!!!


I love that I can send encouragement across the miles or locally in a postcard. This is awesome. Can't wait to be able to purchase them.

Shannon Stout

I Love this collection because I can just write a note to a friend and say Hi! Love it!

Susan Ringler

Happy New Year! I love the color combos, specifically the pink and black look. I also love the simplicity of the floral design. Thanks for a chance to win.

Margo Bair

Love all the colors and messages. Really enjoy that they are post cards and you can share a cheerful word to who ever sees it, from the mail handler to receiver.

Jenna kimbo

Wow! So beautiful!


These are so cute! I love the friendship and family cards! What a neat idea!

Sarah Harrison

What a gorgeous Illustrated Faith set!! A brilliant and lovely way to reach out to others and share God's love with them through our love and thoughts about them! Definitely a 'pay it forward' starter... So good!! Love it!! Thanks Bellablvd and Illustrated Faith!! xx

Jenna kimbo

Love these!


oh these are fun!


love love love the friendship cards!

Amie Goins

sometimes i wonder if the art of writing letters has been lost but then wah-lah you come up with a new and wonderful way to revive something that is so intimate...i love that these will help me show my daughter what is so super special and sweet about caring enough about someone to actually pick up a pen and work out the words on paper and not on a text or email..or even sit down and work together in our bibles and use as a tip in...can not wait to experience this memory with her and even if im not one of the lucky ones to win these beautiful sets of inspiration i will be happy to purchase them as soon as they are available... :)


I love the Christian take on the postcards! It is a rare find! I would use the cards as part of a pack of encouragement cards (index cards with encouraging messages written and drawn on them).

Karla Perez

Love this! Sending God's blessings to friends in physical, happy mail....who would've thought! Want each collection.... ☺️💖

Traci Rickert

I love all the colors and the selection!


what a beautiful way to encourage others and to bless loved ones!

Anne Henderson


Sheena Mays

These are so beautiful! What a great way to send a fun note to someone!

Cathy F

These are a rare treat - exceptional Christian or faith-based products for the crafty class! And postcards - nobody sends postcards anymore! A nice respite from our digital, email world!

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