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July 14, 2015


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Julie Tucker-Wolek

This collection is gorgeous! LOVING the bright colors and my fave paper is the rainbow chevron one!!!!

Gretchen Krisher

Phil 4.8 holds a special place in my heart! The collection and, especially the colors, are great! :)

linda t

Love the Little Bits and the cardstock stickers! All those small bits of yumminess!

Laura Turcotte

wow---so beautiful!!

Laura Turcotte

I absolutely adore pretty much everything about this collection--the designs, the colors, the quotes on the papers (yay!), the little bits...the list goes on!


this collection is aweasome-the name said it all-Great job!!!

Nilmarie Jimenez

Love it!!! It is beautiful!

Mel H

I love the beautiful papers and the butterflies are gorgeous!

Meagen M.

This collection is so refreshing. I have been scrapbooking for many years and I have never seen anything like this.


Love this collection! It's so whimsical, and although it's been created with this design each piece can still be created into several other different masterpieces due to the diversity in the collection. I love it!! I can't wait to get it.


I love the whole collection, but those books of the Bible stickers caught my eye especially! I can think of SO many uses for them!! Thanks for bringing awesome Bible journaling products to us-- and for the chance to win! :)

Dolli Neikirk

Not only am I a Bible journaler, but I have been a scrapbooker for over 20 years. I'm excited to see more faith-based items to incorporate into my scrapbooks and card making. There are also some great pieces for Bible journaling! Such a versatile kit!

Karen H.

love everything about this collection and how it will make it easier to incorporate my faith into so many wonderful crafting projects!

Kristyn C.

Oh my, gorgeous! I love the little bits stickers and quote papers! This whole collection really is lovely!

Keila Cruz

Wow!!amazing love everything faith and creativity !!!💕💕

Allyson Snowden

Love love love! I can't wait to be able to buy the stickers!!!

Kristin M

What I love most about the collection is the consistent message of what to BE not what to Do. I think this is a great Christian and human message. Thank you for creating beautiful and inspiring materials with which to illustrate our faith.


Wow!!! I love everything!!!!! I cannot wait to use it!!!

Valerie Ohle

It's bright, cheery, happy, appealing ... I am a bible art journaler, make cards, and lead an arts-based youth group at church ... this collection speaks to all that and the message is awesome to match our awesome God!

Meghan Zick

I love the bright joyful colors! These really speak to my heart!

Denise Dorcas

I absolutely adore the fun, cheery colors of this kit! 💕


Oh my goodness! This verse is one of my favorites. I've had it highlighted in my bibles for years! Since highschool. The best thing about this collection is the butterfly paper. I love it! My personal faith theme this year is 'butterfly'~how there would be no butterfly without change, how they have strength in their wings only by struggling in the chrysalis, and so much more.

April Lopez

I love everything about this set. I love the pages of script. I love the pages of wonderful affirmations. I absolutely love the colors. What's not to love!!!?

April Lopez

i love the colors of all the pretty papers. It's so perfect for Bible journaling.


It is so hard to choose a favorite..I like the specially papers, little bits, stickers..and I love the art print page.

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