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March 22, 2014


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Julie Tucker-Wolek

I love love love your space!! Loving how you kept/re-purposed the cabinet that belonged to your folks!!!

Mendi Yoshikawa

I love your repurposed cabinet too and how well everything neatly fits into it! I'm feeling a bit sheepish about the amount I hold onto now because I think I could fill 5 of your cabinets. You definitely have me re-thinking what I should get rid of at this summer's yard sale--My space has the room to hold it all, but I definitely don't use some of it very much anymore. It's just so hard thinking that "someday" I might "need" it. LOL! ;)

Alicia Somers

Nice job making good use of a small odd spot. My Craft area is also in a small odd spot, but I have a handy hubby so he put up shelves and built custom things for my tools. I love how everything seems to be at your fingertips! Since we are snooping, you didn't mention what things are in the 8 baskets in front of the window, lol. I love your use of baskets, they seem to keep you organized. Although I see your space issue I just have a hard time envisioning giving stuff away!

Kelly Holbrook

I didn't mention the things in the baskets in front of the window because that is my knitting stash :) They hold yarn mostly, and some needles/crochet hooks.

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