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September 24, 2013


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Julie Tucker-Wolek

Congrats everyone! What a great team!

Jen Chesnick

wahoo!!!! So excited. Thank you Laura and Stephanie!

Katie Rose

Yah!! So excited to ba a part of this amazing team! Thank you Laura and Stephanie!

Patti M

Over the moon about joining this incredible team!! Thank you Laura & Stephanie! :)


Huge congrats to the new team! Can't wait to see all the inspiring projects you fill the blog with each weekday!

Kathy Martin

Yippee! What a great company and team! Congrats everyone! :)


Congrats to everyone! So many talented names to brag about...Jen, Becki, both Wendy's, Tiffany, Katie! Holly :-)


Congrats to the new DT!!!

Becky Williams

congratulations to all of you! ♥

Jenny Evans

Congratulations ladies!!

Jamie Harder

Congratulations everyone!! Super excited to be on the team with you all!!!! Whoo HOooooo!!!!


Congratulations to everyone on the new team! I'm super excited to be inspired by all of you.


So happy to be back for another year of cardmaking for Bella Blvd! Congratulations to all of you!


Beyond excited to be on this talented team!!! Can't wait to get started :)

Lyne B

You made an awesome pic with Stephanie Buice - couldn't ask for a more talented or kind designer!

Christine Ousley

So happy to be part of this year's team!! What a huge talented group of ladies!

Diane Payne

What a fabulous team! I'm looking forward to being inspired by all of you!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Congratulations ladies! So excited to see so many of my online friend's names on the list! :)


So super excited about this team (yes I am still pinching myself, to make sure it really is me on that list!).... A big congrats to all the talented designers! This year is going to be an absolute blast with oodles of inspiration! Thanks Stephanie and Laura :)!

Gina Lideros

Congrats girls, it's such an amazing team to be part of!

Kelly Holbrook

So excited to be a part of this team...thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!!

Lisa C.

Congrats ladies!! I can't wait to see your awesome designs!

Diana Fisher

Thanks Stephanie and Laura! Such an amazing team to be a part of!


So very excited to be staying with the Bella Blvd family for another year! Thanks Stephanie and Laura..x

Karen Nuce

Congrats to all! Looking forward to awesome inspiration and fresh designs with awesome Bella product!!!!

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