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April 27, 2012


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Melinda Wilson

I would love to see a playing in the snow theme paperline!

Luz Maria Martin del Campo

I would love a summer collectionor a travel collection!

Shawn Wenrich

Vintage, floral, with a collage style would be fun!

megan keehn

would love to see a summer set something without surfboards, something with shorts and bathingsuits...a general all round summer theme..there are so many beach lines out there..but if you dont live near a beach, not going to be surfing.
also more boy lines....gaming, computers, ipods, cell phones.
maybe more specialized sports packages, like soccer, hockey, etc.
thanks for a chance to win the making the team line. Used it lots, would love to win it so I have more embellishments.

Jillian Cassity

Thank you so much, that is so nice of you! :) i would love to win this collection! I would love another boy collection as well!

Jillian Cassity

Better yet... I would LOVE to see a fun wedding line! Yours would be the best EVER and I would want to scrap every single one of my wedding photos with it! :D

Karen keiper

I would love to see a line about time.Its general neutral and everyone has stories about time!

Carol Douglass

I just attended CKC Manchester and one of my friends was searching for stuff to make a Farm themed album, there was nothing to be had. I would love to see some farm based stuff...after all, farming is how we all survive.

julie e

With three kids and all those old pictures to get into albums, it feels like I am always doing a sports-related layout. What a fun line for those projects!


Ohhh! I love anything Bella! Making the Team would be awesome to win.

I'd love to see a food line - coffee, ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies. I thnk a general line of pretty patterns would be the best. A line with stripes, chevrons, tone on tone florals, clouds...just basics that could go with anything.

Tina Phillips

Ohhh I love this!!! I'm mom to five boys so you KNOW I could use this!!! I love everything Bella but have really just became a fan in the last year....I dunno if you have ever had a school themed collection or not but that would be awesome! As would a patriotic or 4rth of july thmed kit!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Jennifer Moore

I LOVE this collection! It would be PERFECT for my both of my sons, who are both in baseball. As a mom of 2 boys, I am always looking for good boy collections...especially those that have good embellishments that aren't girly! ;)


i make a personal calendar page each month, so i would like to see a collection with a theme for each month of the year.

Debra E

I'd like to see a BFF kit for adults that would be suitable for a male/female relationship. I keep looking for something like that and as far as I know, it's not out there.

Robin B.

I think I would love to see either a School line or a vacation/camping line.

Mary-Anne V.

I would like to see a pattern theme -chevrons etc... And a science theme.


Would love to win Making the Team!
And I am always on the lookout for boy/masculine themes for my house of boys.


I would love to see another teen collection or a travel collection - planes, trains and automobiles, road maps, destination street signs, etc. I love your designs because they are always bright and fun.


school lines are always useful and fun.



This collection!

I would like to see a collection with motorsports---my son is all into dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, jet skis---that type of thing.


I've had a fun time reading everyone's suggestions. I'd like to see some spaghetti-themed paper, Bella style. And some Mac n cheese.

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