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April 27, 2012


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Wow what an amazing giveaway!!
What I would like to see next is travel theme. And please keep on going with the button collections and the tape, I totally love them!!


Dear ! i would like to see the SUMMER Theme! ;) thanks a lot for the opportunity and good luck
Ciao!! tita

Sandi Pressley

How about an outdoorsy/camping theme that I could use for my upcoming Colorado trip?

Pam Spradlin

I would love to see a fiesta collection and one for just sisters....maybe you could throw brothers in there also. And I am always looking for dog paper.


I would love to see another 'camping out' style...outdoorsy, nature, boy colors :)

Jamie Timson

Would love to see a scrapbook themed line or definitely something teenage oriented or for middle school/high school.

Love all your lines.

Michelle P.

Great giveaway!! Would love to see something Summer or Travel themed..

Diane Standish

Garden themes!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

I would love to see a pattern line ....dots, stripes, chevrons etc!

Lara Walker

WOW, great prize!!! My kids are involved in a lot of sports: baseball, soccer, football, basketball... I have boys so I really like the "boy" themes.
I also like the idea of a mixed holiday pack: with Halloween, X-mas, Easter, etc all in ONE pack, I don't think I've seen that done before.
LOVE your lines, keep up the good work!


Oh, my goodness! This is my all time favorite line from anyone! I have bought the whole line twice already and can still use more. I love it for the tons of sports layout I do, but i love it for lots of other types of pages too!

I would love to see a school line in the future! Thanks for the chance to win!

Samantha T

Love this collection! Thanks for the chance to win. I'd love to see another camping line from Bella...it's been awhile since the last one!


This sports line is one of my Bella Faves! I would love to see a Bella BEACH line, with swim gear and beach balls, sand and waves. Lots of blues and sandy tan with the classic Bella pops of color...

April W

Awesome giveaway!! I'd absolutely love to see a beachy themed line!
- April W

Angie Simonet

I would LOVE another camping collection...what about a fun farm animal collection? I have so many pics of my kids at a petting zoo and I'm waiting for the right papers!

Cathy H

Love the giveaway and would love to see another darling Halloween line...last year's was so awesome!


OH, what a wonderful drawing! I'd like to see something with dinosaurs...I'm helping plan a first birthday party for a 1 year old with a dinosaur theme!

Laurel S

I would love to see another school collection, track and field, travel. Thanks for the chance to win!


Fantastic! Thank you for the chance to win!
I would like to see collection about travel theme and about cats!

Sara K

Great giveaway! Was at Archiver's in Gurnee yesterday to pick it up and they only had one piece left! New lines...wedding, travel, camping/fishing/hunting/outdoors. I could get caught up with a TON of pages if those new lines came out!

Connie Tacazon

I know it's been done but travel themed with lots of maps.


What a great giveaway! How about a "grown up" girls/friends theme??? :D

Misty M

OH WOW..."Making the Team" is my all time fave line {and trust me, that is saying alot as you ladies NEVER disappoint!!!

Anywho, I would love to see a fun, bright beachy line from Bella...I know it would be absolutely UH-MAY-ZING!!!


I would love to see a water type line from you!! I love your whimsy style and would like to make some fun summer water play projects. We live at the lake so not too many sea shells or surf boards. Just water splashes and sunshine and swimsuits and sunscreen type stuff to make it universal for beach, lake and waterpark people. Thanks for the chance to win

Jennifer Wymore

Great giveaway! I have two young boys...so anything having to do with boys...maybe less focused on sports and more on learning...like science, math, or reading themed.

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