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April 20, 2012


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Julie Tucker-Wolek

Got my confirmation email... so I am one happy Bella camper!!!


got my confirmation email too!

Becky C.

Are the items in the box current items? or are they items that are going to be discontinued?

Laura Parsons

I'm so crazy excited about this!

sewa elf

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


I have a quick question. If I ordered two boxes, would there be mostly identical product in the two boxes?


In response to Amy - I just got my boxes yesterday and they were identical. :( I'm quite disappointed but I looked to see if it said anywhere in the documentation of this sale if you order 2 or more boxes if you'll get identical stuff and it doesn't say. My mistake in assuming I'd get 2 different boxes is their gain I guess. . .


Sorry, don't mean to spam your site (and I will be sending an email too. . . )

I just read in the flyer that "Box contents will vary, but will not be identical".

Unfortunately, mine were identical.


Thanks! Ta! Cheers! Thanks SO much!

Aimee K

Another upset customer!!! I would have thought that if we ordered 2 or more boxes that Bella would have given different items for each box but sadly NO!! I now have 2 boxes full of the SAME items...stamps, flowers, stickers, papers, EVERYTHING is identical! :(

One of these boxes was for my Mother's Day presents so this has not made for a fun day!

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