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January 27, 2012


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Amy R.

What a great idea, the kits will make it very easy to grab what you need.

Thanks for all of the great new products!

Anna Petitt

OMGosh! I wouldn't know which one to choose!! Awesome collections and I would be happy with any of them!!

Savanna Carson

I am seeing these in my scrap room in the very near future :)

Patricia Bryngelson

Kits is always good even if you like me, pick and choose from all over the place, there is always something that really fit, thank you for this, I love your collection. I really do.

Denise Bryant

I love the idea of a kit! All those coordinating pieces make it easy to just get going and do the creating! Looks like fun to me!

Char B.

These are all so great that I'd have a hard time choosing just one! I love when I can open a package and everything goes together! Thanks so much for all the chances to win!

Sara K.

Awesome idea! Will be great to not miss out on that 'one piece' that sometimes gets sold out at the LSS before everything else in the product line ...and always that 'one piece' you specifically went to the store to purchase that day! Thanks for another great giveaway!


I love buying collections! It's a great way to get everything you need all coordinated for you!


Collections are such a great idea -- I love to be able to get everything I want all together!! THANKS for listening to your customers !!

Lara Carson

I love the sophisticates line. The jewel tones are very pretty!

tina phillips

what a great idea! I'm so glad you have everything you need put together!!! I see something there I ahve been after and have only been able to find a sheet of here and there......so I KNOW what I would choose!!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!

Kristy Mutchler

Oh my God, what a great idea!!! I cannot wait to see my scrapbooking store start to carry these! I want them all!


Thanks so much for putting everything in one package. Some of the pieces usually are `out´ in the stores before complete kits - so this will make it easier to find all the pieces I want!

Kathy Skou

Oooohhh! The Sophisticates Kit is my favorite, or is it sunshine and Happiness... I can't decide!!!

Stephanie Patterson

Kits are always appreciated. It simplifies the shopping experience. Thanks for the chance!

Angela A

I love kits like these! They take out the guessing work and give you lots of quality product that matches!


The babyboykit is wonderfull !!

danni reid

i love the kit idea so very much, so wonderful to find all the pieces together.

Leslie Murphy

Hurray! I was hoping for collection kits!

Sue Almes

All I can say is Wow!! I can't wait until these kits hit the stores! Thanks for the chance to win!

Megan A

ooooh love collection packs!

Karen S.

Perfect - I will take one of each please - well, I will purchase one of each for sure! Thanks Bella Blvd.


This years release is by far the best!! Love the expecting and little girl lines!! :)


THe page kits are perfect! They are priced very reasonably too!


WOW!! What a GREAT idea!! My favorite one is Sunshine Happiness: an explosion of colours!!
Thanks so much for the chance to win!


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