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August 19, 2011


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Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

How interesting that generous offer only yielded 76 responses! Wow! Too bad! I've often thought that not much reading goes on. I think people multi-task way too much these days!

julie Tucker-Wolek

You are adorable and sounds like its a great thing you were doing! If I was to get the catalog, I would have read it...course I am anal like that! Lol! :):):):):)

angie gutshall

I have to say this was a fun and creative way to save your self time and money next catalog. Great idea!


Great idea!There's a HUGE lesson here It's always worth reading the small print(and not so small print)... you never know what's hidden there! :)


What a sneaky idea! Sorry that you didn't have a better response!


Well, I ordered before CHA with just the .pdf files of the releases. :) I never did get a paper catalog (which is fine by me, saves you $$)so I never saw your sneaky little test. :)

Glad you got your answer though!

Sara Andrews

Woo Hoo, I was one of the 76 and am SUPER excited to get my package!!

Thank you so much!


Well to be honest- once I saw the Finally Fall line, that was 'all she wrote'. I haven't thought of anything else but that line. Definitely my FAV. That's my story anyway. LOL!
Sounds like you are one smart business woman.


I read it and thought it was a very clever test!

Becky Williams

I have looked at that catalog over and over online and am so glad that I read your message and sent you an email. Woohoo! I can't wait to see what kind of fun goodies I get in the mail.

Larissa Heskett

WOW!! What a fun test you did!! Sure is FUNNY to think that the hundreds who got the catalog missed out!! I have never looked at your catalogs~~my main sources are the BLOG and the store Blogs!! I might just have to read more though!!?? =)
Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! You are making the weeks of 76 people though!! =)


How sneaky are you?! And totally smart- I can't even imagine figuring out all those logistics! Glad you got your question answered :)

Kelly Sas

I saw it on line, but thought it was just for retail stores you send the catalog to! PLEASE keep the personal touch Stephanie - that IS what YOU are all about and how you were raised here in WI. I guess that is why I keep up with you and your great adventure (you and your sister went to WISCO with my daughters), you are someone relatable, besides being an awesome designer!


I think you should go for it.. I love when people are personal and share inspiration...so as I would tell one of my friends...


Good test, Stephanie. I know your personal touch to the lines is important to you, and it honestly is important to many people. It's always great to hear these personal notes at CHA as you give them the tour, and through the blog as the lines are spotlit...but I guess you can skip it in the catalogs. I know I was always pretty one-track-minded when I had an armful of catalogs: pick the goodies and get them ordered! So, please continue to give us your inspiration for the lines...on the blog! I promise more than 76 people will read it here!


That is a funny experiment! :) I find that if I am looking at a catalog in book form in my hands, i tend to read all the info. But when I look at things online, I get tired of sitting in front of the computer and I seem to just skim and look at the pictures more. I do think it is a good idea to include a personal note...being personal is always good!


haha! i totally saw that experiment, and i think you rock for doing it!

hugs to you steph,

Janet Zeppa



I always thought that the catalog was for store owners only and never clicked the link (which I obviously saw). Now I know better! Thanks for the fab give-away and for making 76 people very happy!
Have a great weekend!


I love it... reminds me of a middle school teacher who gave a test with the directions..."don't fill out this test" to see if anyone was reading the directions. I ended up erasing..... good news is that folks are so excited to see the goodies in the catalog that they can't wait!!

Christy Greenman

I saw it too and thought that was very clever of you! Great test girl : ) Can't wait to get my goodies!!


i feel so special that i was one of those 76!!!! stephanie, can i buy a gnomie shirt?? somewhere?? lol

Anya Marrero

So happy and proud of myself that I was one og the 76 people!!! :) I always like to read everything including the fine print! Keep doing what you have always done...it gives us an insight to what inspires you to do what you do and at the same time you inspire us ;) thanks for this. Can't wait for my goodies!!!

Victoria S. in OHio

OH how sad i am that i missed the promo test. what a great idea, you clever girl!

Heather Leopard

Very smart. I managed catalog production for a large computer company for a while and I tell ya there are all sorts of lessons to be learned out there and I completely understand the cost of each of those pages!!!

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