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July 11, 2011


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Wendy Lee

Laura your doing an amazing job!! It has been fun getting to know you! :) Can't wait to see what is in store for our Blog!! xoxo

Annette A.

Laura you get a gold star... Your doing a great job.
Can't wait to see more...

Ellie A.

Awesome Laura Congrats to you!

Donna Polley

I can not wait to see the new lines!

April W

I added that super cute owl to my blog!! :) And congrats again to you Laura!
- April W


I can't wait to see all the new lines...I am already in LOVE!

Silvia Diaz

Congrats Laura you're doing great!! Just so you know I've tried uploading the cute little pics to Facebook but it doesn't allow it because they are too small. Thanks!! Have a great day!


Laura, this blog is gonna rock with your style!!! LOve it already, and those blikies are awesome. Congrats again!


Glad to see you here Laura, can't wait for more of your projects with Bella!

Love the new badges, just adopted the cute owl one for my blog :)

Kathleen F

Oh my love the little sneak peek.

Kim Boken

Can't wait to see the baseball collection!! I have so many pictures of baseball games!

mary pat

loving the sneak peaks!

can't wait to see what you have in store laura--i am sure is will be awesome!

just put my new badge on my blog!!!!


Can't wait to see the new lines you've been working so hard on, Stephanie. I already have plans for some, just from the peeks! Welcome, Laura!

Kelly Billington

You are a tease! Love the owl!!!


I'm excited for the new sporty line. Just went to a baseball game and need some new paper! Looking forward to seeing how Laura uses it too!


I added the cute owl badge to my blog! And I already "like" you on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win!

Laurel S

I have your badge on my blog! love the sneaks!

I am trying to put the badges as my profile picture on facebook but they are not wide enough and I am not able to resize them in Photoshop for some reason.

Sara Rossi

Laura you know you can never do wrong in my book! You always amaze! Love the new badges--hard to choose one but that owl is ME! It's on my blog & I'm working on it for FB! ;)

Megan A

love the sneaks! I put the owl one on my blog

Julie Bonner

Fab job last week Laura & LOVE the sneaks - my fav is going to have to be that cute little penguin :)

Carol B

I posted one of your adorable logo pictures on my Blog sidebar here:


Carol B

Jennifer D

I love the two new winter/christmas lines! Can't wait to see them :) that penguin is just too cute!

Congrats Laura on the new role ... I'm sure you will excel at it :) Stephanie made a great choice :)


So excited to see all of the new happenings! The blinkies will be on my blog soon!

Laura-it's so wonderful to have you here helping Stephanie! Amazing things are coming!

Lydia Jackson

Wow so many cool new critters~~ Love it and can't wait to see more!!


So excited about all the fun!

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