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January 20, 2011


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No animals at home but my granddaughter's dog at the great grandmothers house is Baby Girl.

Tegan Skwiat

We have a Yorkie named Tinkerbell and a Cairn Terrier named Pixie! Can't wait to see the patterned papers for the pet line! yay!

Jacquie D.

Oh these are TOO CUTE!!!
I have 5 english springer spaniels
and baby Shelley

Julie Dull

We have a busy house with 2 dogs, 2 cats and one remaining hamster (thanks to one of our cats!). Our pets are Logan, Casey, Tyler, Nico and Little Squeakers.


We have a new Boxer puppy named Rocky. Can't wait to scrap with the new line.

Shanna Vineyard

We have a Beagle named Kirby. He was given that name because that's where my husband found him. Lost and abandoned and left on the curb. He's the sweetest doggy alive!


Always looking for pet lines for our dogs & my brothers cat photos!!! Our current brood is 2 dogs, Winnie & Zo'e and 1 Hamster, Stella. One dog is my son's playmate and the other dog is his protector.. ooohh...I need to scrap that thought!!

Lea Lawson

These are cute! I have two dogs...a yorkie named Bailey and a cocker names Sadie! They are cuties!


We have a pug named TANK.

Shannon H.

I love the journaling stickers! We don't have any pets but my kids play with my parents old english sheepdogs all the time. They just love Nelson!

Annette A.

Another GOT TO HAVE. awesome, i am so a pet lover. I have two dogs. Curtis and LoLa....my babies. You have done it again....awesome collection. Thanks for sharing


OMG, what fun. We have a zoo. Are you ready? Rescue -- Dog, 1yr Pit/German Shepherd named PJ, Rescues -- Cats,3yr LH orange Goldie, 3yr LH gray Jazzy, 1yr MH gray Tabby Max. Hamsters -- albino Ivory and Syrian Hamister II, gifted Sulcata Tortoise Buster, and finally 2 fish tanks of gold fish and freshwater tropicals. Heaven only knows what is next but I think we have plenty to crow about using this lovely kit. Thanks for the chance to win it.

Irish Diablo Snoopy17

Wow what an adorable line. I have a bengal cat named Bentley and a golden retreiver named Bailey! These would suit them so well!


We have two pets.
Our little dog: Annie
Our Cat: Scraps aka scrappy cat
And our Hamster: Rocky
love these stickers...they are absolutely adorable!


2 spoiled ones here:
Sandy, a slightly rotund champagne coloured poodle mix
Rocky, a geriatric, bone-thin, used to be black but is now graying poodle
They are our security system. She barks if there's any motion outside and he joins in - though they aren't intimidating in size, they make enough ruckus to make strangers think twice.
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Dana Tatar

I have a super smelly basset hound named Scamp.



Yeah, my son's favorite movie is Smokey and the Bandit


I have 5 dogs, all poodles:


These stickers would be great additions to s/b pages about my boys!


No pets, but I sure see some versatility of this line to use without them. Just simply cute accents! And adore the new write on matte finish - thank you so kindly for that!


Technically we do not have any animals....but my son really thinks that he is a kitty and especially thinks he is my sisters cat, whose name is Peachie! He has also been a kitten for the past 2 Halloweens!

Danielle Brown

I have 2 miniature schnauzers named Molly & Mescha.......these stickers are super cute!


Awesome...can't wait to get my hands on this. My son has been pretending to be Martha the talking dog for about two weeks now and the pictures are adorable!

Rachel B

I love that the new stickers can be wrote on easier! That is a huge plus! Pet name: SAGE!

Wendi K

I cant wait to get this line for our two cats, Mojo JoJo (Jo for short) and Allergies (alli for short)


I don't have any pets right now but my sweet boys that I had for 10 years were named Cozmo and Elmo. They were red tabbies..

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