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January 20, 2011


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Janice St. Louis

WOW, I'm first today. Love the pet stickers. Here are my pets:

Dog - Scrappy Doo
Dog - Dixie Doo
Cat - Azreal (from the Smurfs)
Cat - Big Al

Yes there is a cartoon theme going on with their names. Can you tell my husband named them? LOL


We have 2 silly kitties, Daisy and Rosie...who should have been named bad kitty and get down to save us some time!! That little kitty sticker is ADORABLE!!
Kathy Skou


We have enjoyed our three pets soo much. Millie the dog, and our kitties, Rosie and Sassy. LOVE them and need to scrapbook them more. These stickers would be perfcet:)


hee hee These are so cute!!!!!!

Three Cardigan Welsh Corgis named:


Thanks for all the new goodies coming out...can't wait to play!!!!

Pam Spradlin

I know this line will be a must-have. I have a Thumper, Abby and Bruno to scrap. I am always on the lookout for dog paper.


The name of my favorite pet? can't answer, they are all my favorite...favorite pet name in general...MAX


The dog that shares our bed is Missy :)

Kelly Massman

Really cute! I missed the Mr. Boy giveaway (boo hoo)! I am so behind in my blog roll!

Jessica B.

I have a pekischnoodle named Rascal! His name fits him to a T! He's rambunctious and gets into mischief sometimes, but he's such a special part of the family! ♥

Sobeida Rodriguez

well, we have four birds whose names are Ruby, Midas, Peter, and Lois. I also have a guinea pig named Dyna. And not to mention the fish we'll be getting this weekend.

Sara K.

Sadly, I am without my dogs anymore (but still have their 'last' pics to scrap). Literally, last night we put down our almost 9 yr old chocolate lab, Vegas and 10 months ago we put down our yellow lab, Cheddar (who was actually Vegas' son from her litter). I would truly LOVE this new line for the last pages I am scrapping for my beloved 4 legged babies.

Erika Seever

I love this collection. I have a million pictures of my dog (Gnarles) that this would be PERFECT for! LOVE IT!!!!


Our cat's name is Destiny. :-D

Samantha T

Great collection! Our dog's name is Uther, and our fish was named Kiker by our 4 yr. old.

Mandie Wade

Oooh, love the stickers! My dog, an Australian Sheppard, is named Kobe and the cats are Tikki and Ally. I could REALLY use a good pet collection!


Our sweet doggies are Chewy & Max, and our meow-meows are Oliver, Leo, & Princess. I can just picture some of those wunderbar photos I have of them on this purrfect paper line!


wheaten terriers, Kieran & Trixie, and jack russell, Belle :)

Azura Alyssa

I have 1 mommy cat called waffles and 4 kittens called Fudgey, Pancakes, Coco and Popo! :)) I would love to win those stickers!! :))


i have a dog, her name is DUSHKA which means "dear" in Iugoslavian, where my grandparents came from.

Stephanie Newsted

We have two kitties - Lilly and Angel, and a Great Pyraneese named Bridget. I love the new stickers!! My favorite is the tiny gray one with the little paw print :)

kathy feuerberg

Our precious dog is named LUCKY. We rescued him from a hit and run when he was not quite two. He will be 18 this year!! He is Lab/Retriever/Chow mix. He is a beloved friend to three boys and a shadow to my sweet husband! I could so use this gorgeous paper line to scrap some of the many pictures we have.


While I don't have a pet at the moment, the love of my canine life was our boxer Blossom! She was perfect and I would love to get around to scrapping more about her wonderful life. These look perfect!

your sneak peeks are really looking so great! Can't wait for them to hit the shops.


I had a cat named Loulou for 13 yrs,sadly she's passed away :( Really cute collection !!


the cavy of my mommy called Willy, before she has one called Hilde :)


My 2 cats are Nuage (which means Cloud in french) and Sunshine. They are both 12!

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