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January 17, 2011


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hilde janbroers

ooohhh this looks soooo yummie!!!


I can't decide which one I'm more excited about!

Vera Yates

ve the new badges! I added the badge on my blog side bar here: http://lingshappyplace.blogspot.com/


I've added your badge on my blog sidebar ( http://clickcropcreate.blogspot.com/ ) - Love them!!!

stephanie kaye

cute pics, added one to my blog here: http://skalovingeek.blogspot.com/

Abby Laubenstein

Oooo! I'm loving them all- can't wait to see more! Especially excited to see the dinosaurs as all boys in our family :) I've added my badge to my sidebar, thanks soooo very much!

Heather V

These are so adorable!

Lisa C.

I drawn to the cute little dinosaur!! Can't wait to see more!

Ann Cicilie

Your badge is in my sidebar :)'


Jennifer O.

That grinning dinosaur makes me wish my son was still a little boy!


YES! I'm so excited that I was picked for Family Dynamix. Now to find your email!


Fun contest, love the peeks! A badge is on my sidebar at basicjess.blogspot.com.

Lillian Child

I've posted your badge on my blog here:



Love the Dino..

You can find him here..

Rebekah Brumby

But how do I choose! I love the doggy and the dinosaur!

Leah Crowe

I love the sneaks and the new badges.. RAWR I chose the dinosaur and its on my blogs left sidebar :)



You're on my blog: familyresemblance.blogspot.com

Stephanie Buice

does the puppy badge mean that there is gonna be a pet line????? I've been wanting a bella pet line for soooo long!

April W

Very nice!! I've got a new badge up on my blog...


Thanks for the chance to win!!
- April W

Jennifer Ruhl

Oooohhhhh, a pet line?!? Love it!


can't wait to find out more about that adorable little dog and fierce looking dinosaur!!

Kelly Sas

I tried to put it as my picture of FB. I am so upset I just am not computer smart enough to figure out how to do it!!! So frustrating!


ohhh it seems so cute !! I add your badge to my blog:-)


Proudly showing a badge on my FB profile picture, and on mmy blog!!!!


Fun badges, it was hard deciding which one to choose. Can't wait for more sneaky peeks :)

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