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January 19, 2011


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I love it, having a son, my only child, I'm always looking for products and ideas for boys' projects.
This collection is just perfect!


Love & want to see more :)


Having 2 boys who are 12 & 7 this would fit perfect for both of them. One who's getting "cool" and the other who still loves crashing his toy cards and action figures! Love it :)

Amy Gebhard

I'm the mom of 2 boys - I always love seeing GREAT boy lines come out! Amy

Gina Sandoval

So Cute! Be awesome for my 3 year old he loves dinos!


You can NEVER have too many dinosaur themed pages! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Oh what fun it is to sneak peek all week! ;)


Woot Woot for Mr Boy Collection...pretty much all boys here so I always luvvv great boy designs, Thank You!!!

Jan G

My grandson's favorite show is Dinosaur Train and these guys look so very much like the characters he loves! Also, at 6, he can whip through a crossword puzzle like nobody's business! Would love to scrap with these papers!

Lucero Salinas

Very nice! I Love the combinations!

Mandie Wade

You've got to be kidding!!!! I am in LOVE with that DINO paper! When I saw it I literally gasped out loud. I SERIOUSLY WANT IT BAD!!!! I have 2 girls but NEED this adorable line <3

Jessica B.

LOVE this! the colors just pop, they're so vibrant and fun!

Jenn Richardson

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...I LOVE this line :) Perfect.

cyndi greenwalt

Love this! As a mom of 2 boys (1 girl) I'm always looking for cute boyish papers and these look perfect! Love the dinasours!


OMG...this has been what I have been waiting for. Can't wait to get my hands on the Dino paper...


Awesome as always! And I love to see paper that can be used for older boys and this sure fits the bill~


Love the crossword paper!!!


Love 'em!! Both my boys are dino lovers, so this paper would be perfect. I am so glad to see more 'boy' themed paper/stamps/embellishments out there - thanks so much!

Becky W

love it love it love it!!! the dino paper is so cute!!

Amy Moore

wow...this sneak is awesome...the older my son gets the harder it is to scrap for him! This is perfect!!!

Melissa Ullmann

Having boys...this line is going to make it so much easier to scrap! LOVE IT!

Patricia Cousins

I freakin' love this set!! It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!


Mr. Boy is such a great line. I love that it can be used for all ages, not just little boys!


love the dinos!

Jennifer D

Love the bright colors of this collection! Can't wait to see the rest of it!


this is amazing. I love the boy collection!

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