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November 27, 2010


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What a great scrap space! I love how you organized your Expedit cube...very nice!


LOVE your space!! I like how you have it organized. Did you trim down your Cropper Hopper's full of paper? Mine don't fit in my Expedits.


Beautiful room! I too have the Ikea Expedit shelves but I have the slightly smaller ones (16 cubes). The vertical Cropper Hopper paper holders do not fit in mine. Did you trim the plastic to make them fit? It drives me nuts that I can't put them in there!!! I also have a 4x8 island but since we moved, I don't have my room anymore. I just set up a 6 ft. folding table and am trying to condense to a 8 cube Expedit shelf, rolling paper cart and small bookcase. Wish me luck! ;)


WHat a nice space! Wish my room as organized as yours!!


love love your space!!


Love your room and how you organized everything.


Love your room! I'm hoping to get a desk carousel for my Birthday or Christmas this year :)

laura vegas

thanks everyone! yes, i did cut down my cropper hopper paper holders. you only have to trim about 1/4 an inch off the top. my mom had some electric scissors that i used for most of them ... made it super easy. but i've also just used some sturdy kitchen scissors. i don't make neat cuts or even cuts, either. i just eyeball it and trim, usually not in a straight line. lol! no one will see it when it's in the expedit. i have heard of other scrappers laying the paper holders on their sides ... i believe they fit that way, and you can just pull out your papers.

Helen Tilbury

Oh I loved this! Thanks! Has given me some more ideas for my own little room. No Target here so I had some similar Expidit shelves made but definitely could do with some more! Just texting the carpenter now LOL!


What a beautiful and well-stocked space! I love the wall paint color.


I love your space, Laura and I also love the color of your walls. You have such a neat space and all so organized.


Laura, thanks for the info on the cropper hopper storage! :) I have the 8 cube Expedit. Kind of figured you had to of trimmed them. I have the big Expedit like yours, but it houses toys in the basement. Think we may have to do something about that one!! ;)

Jan Garber

Great space I am still unpacking trying to figure it all out. Thanks for all the fun this month boy those unity stamps lucky girls I love love unity

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