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November 05, 2010


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Scrap Crap, huh? Hey, what does he know...he's a man! LOL! I think your space looks great, but can't wait to see your new space!


I think most husbands think up the term Scrap Crap. :) Mine uses it all the time.


You have your space so well organized! It looks great, Misty. So excited for you that you are getting a new space!! I know you will thoroughly enjoy it!! You have a great scrappy companion!!! ;)

Theresa F. Hogan

I love your space and your very cute puppy too :D

Account Deleted

What a lovely puppy! I'm in love! What kind of breed is this Dog?


Your space is so well organized!! And I love your puppy - so adorable!!


What a nice space you have! It's so organized! ...and that little puppy... sooo sweet!

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