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August 10, 2010


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CoooOOooool !!! Life is beautiful !!

Karen Skapin

Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Nature is what's most beautiful to me. I love going hiking and just seeing the beauty all around me. Most recently my husband and I found a place to hike near Niagara Falls (close to the whirlpool rapids) that was just breathtaking!


Such a pretty collection! My little boy's sunny smile is one of the most beautiful things to me!

Barbara DeBose

There's nothing more beautiful than the kindness of others.

Thanks for the chance to win!


Beautiful collection! Would love to have it.


Beautiful collection...the other day when I was leaving the doctors office a man in a wheelchair said to me "Have a blessed day", that is beautiful to me.

Vanessa Scott

Beautiful to me is the smile on my 8 week old baby girl Karina Salomé; who I think would look even more beautiful in a mini album done with this line! hint..hint..hint!! LOL...


Yummy loving all the new CHA goodness. Beautiful to me is hearing my family laugh at our get togethers. Brings a smile to my face everytime.


Children's laughter is a beautiful sound :)


My daughter's smile is the most beautiful thing to me.

ellen s

my family for sure! being blesses is truly a beautiful thing...

the line is gorgeous for sure!!!


the smile on my children's faces

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