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April 08, 2010


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I like to use the smilies that come with my new Blackberry messenger.. I love *heart*.. :)

Favourite pastimes of teenagers? Driving their parents nuts! lol

Stacey Klug

Wow! That kit is amazing! When it comes to texting I definitely use OMG and LOL the most!

Lauren S.

Hmm! Well I use JCI a lot with the hubs because with our work we're never on the same schedule. And here in VA, all my spiffy college buddies love to go to the local bars for small concerts. And my high-school-aged sister? She loves the football games, of course!

April T

LOVE Martha's layouts. They are just GORGOUS!!! I also like the kit select. I just might have to order one. *giggle* Love scrapbooking. Who won't.

My favorite had been ROTFLOL. I stump my teenager everytime I use it.

My friends from high school loved to go to the movies and to miniture golfing. If lazer tag was in we would had done that as well but a group of us did paintball instead.

Julie Rogge

Believe it or not, I have never texted (I don't have a cell phone). I use LOL a lot in e-mails and on FB. Love the kit!

Terri Cromell

I like ttyl or lmao!

As for favorite pastimes for highschool kids (granted it has been a long time ago for me :-)) would be football games and hanging at the mall with friends!

The kit is amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win it! I just love your new lines!

Samantha Taylor

Beautiful kit! I use LSS (local scrap store) a lot.
Let's see, high school/college pass times? School spirit events (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.), studying, going for coffee, that's about all I've got. I can't believe at 28 I'm already so out of touch!


I rarely text, but when I do I'm finding that more and more I'm abbreviating words -- LOL is my favorite, especially when my kids send cute pictures of my grandsons. I do volunteer work with teenagers & college students and their favorite pasttime -- procrastinate!

Denise T

My fav text message symbol is : ) and also when texting my kids I always end with "Love ya". Fav pastimes of high school/college students in our town... renting movies, playing video games, going out to get snacks/pizza, going to local HS and college sporting events.

Tammy Lever

WOW! gorgeous kit! My fave is ROFLMAO or else OMG! As for what teenagers do these days, I think a lot of them go to the mall to shop, play video games, go to the movies, just hanging out in general, I know that here in Canada in the summer a lot of them like to go camping and to the lakes!


Past times: sleeping in, staying up late, studying, making friends, keeping friends, boy trouble, girl trouble....

That's all I can think of right now....


I probably use LOL or :0) the most when I text. I use full words when I text, I mean, I have a full keyboard on my phone, there's no excuse for abbreviations!
The high school kids in my town don't have much to do, so usually they "cruise" up and down the main street in town. Ah, rural Ohio, the fun never stops! :0)

Shelley W.

I use LOL and LMBO the most and my favorite smiley is :-p.

My teenager's favorite pasttime is playing the guitar and listening to music.


HS pastimes: texting
Thanks for the chance to win.


Lovely kit!!!

I use these smilies =) =( a lot!!!! =)

As for the kids pastimes... I'm way to old to know the "new things" and my son is only 6...but let me see.....

I see them at the mall, just hanging out. I know kids from the HS close to home, like to lunch at places like 'subway' or a local subs place called 'crazy subs' but is more than jus having lunch, they love being those places. My nephew loves his iPod, and often see him with his friends, just chilling out and listening music.

Cindy d

Definitely the smilies. CUL8R, LOL, OMG... As for pastimes: texting, sleeping in, fun with friends, hanging out at the mall, gossiping, eating junk food, playing video games, sports, listening to music, and watching movies.

Kelly Massman

I don't have a cell phone but I know I would use LOL a lot if I did have one. My son is a teenager and his big thing is speech and debate. If he had time, he would play rugby!! He loves music. In fact, he and his dad made a bass guitar a couple of years ago! Just finished a layout recently. It will be on my blog in a few days! Thanks so much for a chance to win the awesome kit!!!!!

Bri Johnson

I'm way not up to speed on texting and high school pastimes. The smiley thingies are about the only thing I understand. As for high school kids, I mainly see them loitering and going out to eat!

Jennifer Hansen

I barely text and I don't know any teenagers very well, so I'm out of touch! BRB(Be right back) is the only one that comes to mind.

Carole Stirrat

Accronyms: LOL, BRB, OMG, TTFN (ta ta for now) Pastimes: Hanging out in the HS commons, joy riding, sleep overs, shopping.


TTYL and L8R are the ones I use the most, and of course the smilies =0)

As for teens/college kids...I hear talk of "mattress jousting" in the dorm halls and they all love football games, driving, texting, and Facebook of course.


LOL, luv u, sup? are ones I use a lot

my HS daughter just likes to go anywhere with her friends...they are known to just go to Target and walk around, go and eat frozen yogurt or Chinese food, and go to the movies. She texts and tweets all the time. And constantly asks me for money!

My college daughter shops A LOT!

denise k harris

Great kit...texting, here are some I use alot... wth (what the heck), lol, brb, ruk (r u kidding), omg (oh my goodness)

as for the kids, i dont have any so i dont know today, but I loved to hang out with friends and drive around


What a gorgeous kit!!! I like using "IDK" as in "I don't know" when I text b/c it's such a long phrase and I love anything makes life a little simpler :) As for my favorite pastimes when I was in high school, a few things that come to mind include hanging out at the malls, Friday night football games, slumber parties, and checking out cute boys ;-)~

Alison Day

Hmmm ... texting ... something I have not really got into yet. I'm sure it's coming a lot sooner than I think though! My eldest is 6 - when do they demand cell phones? Like, 8? I use LOL and WTF on FB and in emails sometimes.
In highschool we "cruised" - drove around town looking for trouble (ie. the party of the night). Wasted a lot of gas and time! Ah to be young again!

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