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February 25, 2010


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amazing work Ladies..........Jana that mini album ROCKS!!! LOVE IT! Love the shape! Need to get me one. :) & Heidi, nice to meet you......love what you did with that LO! Love the rounded edges....the stitching....wonderful work! xo


Jana, Love your book! It was sitting on the counter at CHA and everyone would get all excited thinking that was the M&T project! Oh my, I would say "Isn't it lovely" but, no, (voice gets softer) this is what we are making...

Heidi, thanks again for the cupcake (homemade next time?) it was so great to meet you. I love your layout and card, handsome boys! And, Stephanie is right, she is definately a ball of energy!


Oh, Stephanie, I saw your title and thought you were really going to Italy...but an online teaching in Italy is a good place to start! :) Love the projects!

Erika M

The creations are very lovely - I'm loving the mini album!

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