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January 24, 2010


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That's so magic!!!! I do love your products!!!! Will you come one day in France??? Have a nice show!


Looks great! Wish I was there!


Everything looks GREAT! Have a great time!


Booth looks amazing!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Wow, girl. You are at a whole new level with that booth, the t-shirts, and make-n-take. I'm glad you have great people with you. Best of luck for the show! How can anyone resist?

Allyson Meinholz

Looks amazing . . . . . wish I was there!!!! Have a great day


I still remember the day you sat with me in the hallway of the design department looking at my portfolio. Now...I look at this and am in complete awe. Girl, you are FAB-U-LOUS!


Dang...the booth looks amazing.
I knew I'd be in love with those t-shirts...wish I could get my hands on one. Have a blast at CHA! Can't wait to see more pics.

jessica jo

awesome booth!!! love all the details so far! cant wait to see the whole thing!! :) and loved how the t-shirts turned out - super cute!!!

Erika M

The booth looks fabulous and I love the make and take - wish I was there!

Sheri Feypel

YOU ROCK!! The booth looks great!! Have a ton of fun!!!!

Marcy Eveland

WOW Wish I was there too!!!! I would so LOVE a t-shirt! Let us know if you give those away on the blog or anything....ALSO, LOVE LOVE LOVE all the sneaks....I love those really big frames (12x12 in the center!) GREAT job! You should be so proud!


Where can i get a shirt? I love Bella Blvd. The booth looks awsome, great design and set up. Looks wonderful, proud of you guys.

Sophia Allison

It is all looking fab ladies...!!!

Michelle Unruh

Oh Steph, your booth is so pretty!! I too wish I was there.. I was invited to go with a scrappy friend, but can't get away!! Have a wonderful show!!! :D




Your booth looks amazing! Could you share the directions to make the memo pad for those who are not enjoying life at CHA?


The booth looks amazing! Man, I wish I were there! Good luck and Enjoy!


I also wish i was there!!!!!!
I just told Melly on her Two peas blog that Bella blvd, is my favorite manufacturer... yesterday i went to my LSS and got me some papers. Now i can't wait til they have the new lines available.

The booth is looking adorable... so Bella!


Looking good girls. I showed the booth to my daughter and she said she wants her bedroom to be decorated like Bella Blvd. Me too. My fav is the scalloped boarder above the striped bead board. And are those jumbo los that I see on the wall. That is soooo cool. Post more ...I want to see more! Wish I were there!


oh how i love the booth! i am missing out for sure!


Very exciting! and a beautiful booth. Hope you have a successful week!

Stephanie Buice

Your booth is so pretty! I love all the colors and inspiration!! I want that T-shirt!!!! :D

Kirsten H

Booth looks beautiful

Ally White

What a beautiful booth!!

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