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October 16, 2009


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Those advent calendars are AMAZING!!! What a great week of inspiration...thanks to you and all your artists for sharing their amazing talent!

Beth Gerlach

Jessica - Love, Love, Love the wreath!!! And your card!! ALL the projects have been fabulous!!


Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration.
Fabulous items from all the Artistas!!!

Tanya K

I absolutely love the wreath! So much inspiration here! Thanks :)


WOW, these projects are absolutely amazing!! The Christmas wreath is PERFECT!!!


Wow, love that Advent Calendar and the fleece wreath, such creative ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Tanya K

Are those 12x12 calendar transparency's available to buy somewhere, or was that custom printed?


those projects are WONDERFUL! adore that wreath!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Oh my goodness. This is the ultimate inspiration for sure. I might even attempt that felt wreath...I like that it doesn't have sewing involved. :) I LOVE the cards (especially the red jingle bells), and love the wreath. And I love all those little envelopes. And I love the magnetic board. Wow, you girls are amazing.


I'm absolutely trying that wreath! And those cards with the black on black! Love everything...thanks for the inspiration!


Artista's!!!!! Amazing work here!!! I have seen Beths Advent Calendar IRL....amazing!!! Can't wait to see and touch the wreath!! Wonderful stuff ladies! Such an honor working with all of you!


I love the advent calendar. Where can we get the 12x12 transparency calendar? Thanks for these 2 inspirational weeks :).

Ashley M

wow!!!!! Im soo sad these 2 weeks of inspiration are over already!!!!! I have absolutely loved coming here everyday and seeing all the new projects the Artistas put up!! can't wait for more weeks like these 2!!!


Wonder ideas, again!!! I love the calendar and the cards with the black are striking!!


I can totally see that Christmas Wreath hanging in my front door!!!!

ellen s

these are gorgeous!
thanks for the inspiration!


I just love coming to this site!! You give me so many amazing ideas!!! THANKS!!! I can't wait to get my packages from the giveaway week!!! I am going to be lifting like crazy from here.

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