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September 02, 2009


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Mio is adorable!!!!
I'd love to see another boy's collections, with cars and toys; I know there are some other out there, but I love your style, and I know you'll make a fabulous line.


Love your stuff!!! Can't wait to see it here in Sweden!!
I'd love to see theme "air" For example ballons, soap-bubbles, clouds, stars, air-planes etc. And of course in a lot of bright colours and matching striped and dotted papers which is one of the reasons that I love Bella Blvd!

Vicki Saulnier

I would love to see Pirate Themed paper. I never see that anywhere! Ships, anchors, little pirate guys. So much fun it would be and Bella Blvd is the perfect company to do it! Arrrrr Matey!


I would love to see another Boy's collections!!! Cars, monsters and dirty are very welcome: I have a 3 year old, and expexting other baby boy!!!

Melinda Wilson

Wow! I would love to win!!
I would like to see something that is very masculine for a young guy but not real dark colors.


I would like to see boy's collections--not to cutesy or baby...you guys have such a fun style! I LOVE it! Keep it up!!

Erica H.

I love your style! Just keep up the same great work, but with robins egg blue! That's my only bit of advice because I'm crazy about that color! Hope you get inspired!

Julie, momto7

I'd love to see a beach/summer a la Bella style.


What about some vintage baby papers featuring lambs? We've seen lots of ducks, birds, and owls... But I would like some soft lambs.


We need some Bella papers that would encourage us to get behind the lens... Maybe some papers about being yourself, unique, and creative.


I would love to see a cool collection for my boys... They are in to riding bikes, hide and seek, and pretending to be super heros.

Renee K

I'd love to see a boy themed collection that includes some baby and toddler appropriate papers. (Trains, Jungle, Cars, Planes, etc...)


I'd love an in general sports related theme for boys and girls. :-)


Mio is too precious! I love dogs =)
I think a Bella line of Summer/Beach/Ocean colors and style would be awesome.


I'd love a Xmas line and a Halloween one. And a seaside one too. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be fab' :).

Deb L

I'd love to see some Christmas goodies!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

So exciting to see your warehouse and taped-up boxes! Good luck! And I want to see a school line from you, though that'll probably be next summer's CHA.


I love fairies and what about elephants not the cutie one but more like vintage or something. Kim Smith


I would to see Boy toys, four wheelers, skate board, hunting and camping.


Something for the Fall with bright colors, also anything for Boys. something for baseball/softball for girls.

Debbie Jensen

I would love to see Bella's take on Fall and Christmas! I'm sure they would be fabulouse! (Just like everything else they create!)


This post is drool worthy...all those boxes of Bella! I would love to see a beachy line.


I love all things ladybug and fall-themed (warm colors, neutrals, leaves, pumpkins, pies, etc.)


i'd like to see your take on love....so many lovey things are too much valentines. so just general "i heart you" kind of things!


I would love to see the Bella version of a water/beach line as well as a snow/winter line. And just like all your other collections, I'll have to have all of these too!

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