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August 28, 2009


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The inspiration wall is my FAVE


WOW!!! This room is gorgeous!! Love me some beautiful scrap rooms! Thank you SO much for sharing. :)

Tricia, if you're not taking Jenni Bowling's class at BPS right now, you are SO missing out. Just seeing your room... I know you'd love it. :)


I'm in love with this room...just beautiful!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Seriously? Are you sure you didn't pull this room from a magazine? This is beautiful. No wonder you are inspired to create such beautiful projects!


Seriously dreamy! That is one of the most beautiful scrap spaces I've seen! Love it, Tricia!

Tricia Wilson

Thank you Bella for such a great experience!


Thats a great quote up there. I need that on a bumper sticker. haha. Beautiful room!

Michelle Unruh

Oh Tricia, your room is gorgeous!!! It seriously looks like something out of a magazine!! I only wish mine looked so good!! I do have the same table and LOVE it!!! Gotta love IKEA!


Wow! What an amazing scrap room!!!

Jessica Dougherty


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