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July 02, 2009


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The office is looking amazing! I just can't wait to see the new goodies!

Wendy Lee

awesome Stephanie!!! Can't wait to see it in real life! :) And love the picture of you!! your so adorable!!! :)
Congrats on the space again!!


I love that picture of you!! :) V. Cute! Good luck with the Show and congrats on the space...!! :)

jessica jo

love your new office!!! can i come work for you??? :)

cant wait to see all the new products & projects made by the Artistas!!!!


everything's looking good - - and i mean, you and the office - - can't wait to see all the new products and projects!!!!


It's looking GORGEOUS! :D
Can't wait to see it done! :D


Gorgeous, darling....just gorgeous.
I'll take you up on that offer to come and visit and make stuff.


It looks great, Steph!! If I am ever on the other side of the state, I would love to stop by!!!


Lookin' good - you and the office!!!

Can't wait to see the new lines and what you do at CHA. It'll be hard to top that booth!


looks like you guys are getting down to business. i can't wait to see all of the new stuff! :)



Coming back to check on those new CHA Lines.. can't wait to see... :)!!!

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