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July 08, 2009


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Gotta love IKEA for all their wonderful things!! You space is coming together so nicely!! It looks awesome and very inspiring!! Wanna come help me with my scrap space??

Brittny Lejeune

Love it! I bet it feels awesome to be in your new space. I love that "clean" feeling when you first decorate a room. A place for everything, and everything in its place until I decide to tear it apart just for the fun of redoing it!

Have fun! Can't wait to get my assignment and see the new product!


Lauri {Scrap Attack}

OMG!! I love it!! I would love a store like that to design it - way to go, I am so excited for you!!


I cannot wait to come and visit! I think I will get sucked right in the minute I walk thru the door! yay!!


can't wait for peaks! your space looks wonderful!!!


WOW, this looks absolutely wonderful!!
Can't wait to see more pictures!
And I'm so looking forward to see the sneak peeks of the newest collection!!!!


Can't wait to see it!!! When will that happen?! I can pick out all the little lovelies that are from Brazil!


It looks amazing! Wish it was not a plane ride to see it!

Nancy Holley

It is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the zebra photo! So fun and exotic and INSPIRING! The button tier is awesome too! I am so excited for you and the new place! I can't wait to start seeing the new lines too! SO much to be excited about!

Wendy Lee

The place is awesome! I had the pleasure of being there and enjoying seeing every little item! Beautiful place Stephanie, I can't wait to scrap there with you!!! XOXO

Amy Y

Your new space looks amazing! I can't wait for the sneak peeks to begin! :)


I love the studio peeks!
Can't wait to see your newest lines, too.


everything looks awesome!!! can't wait for the newest yumminess!!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Wow, Stephanie, I LOVE it! Congrats on getting it to come together!


the new place looks awesome, and fun!! congratulations!!


Love it so far - can't wait to see it in person, hopefully very soon!!!! So exciting!!!!


Congratulations Stephanie!! :)

The peeks look awesome and can't wait to see the whole space!! :)

Krista Hanna

Your new studio looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Even from the small peeks it looks like a wonderful and inspiring place to be :)


This looks like such an inspiring place to work! Congratulations!

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