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July 13, 2009


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You have peaked my intersted. Do we have to wait until Wednesday???


These are awesome, can't wait to see more!


LOVELY colors Stephanie!!! Love it!! Can't wait to see more -- such a tease!!

Deanna M

These swatches have me SOOO excited! I can't wait to see more!

Kim M

No guesses but the color schemes are fab!

Olivia M.

I say you're planning on carrying cardstock or mayber ribbons to coordinate with your pp. These colors are great!

Rachel Hope

No guesses, but I am SOOOO Excited!!!!


I love how you did the color swatches - but I am a sucker for polka dots!!!!


I'm liking the Blue's & Beige's.
Hope there's some zoo or "outdoorsy"
themes for boy pages in those
Will we see papers on Wednesday???
Savin' up my money already!!


I know I know!!!! =) Hard to tell by just the swatches! Those *are* teasers!

Erika M

Hoping you're going to do a Christmas line - hard to tell with just the color swatches!


I have no idea, but I already LOVE the color combinations!!!



I have no clue but these colors are lovely!!


Beautiful colors but I haven't a clue!
Your Artista, & my friend, is no help either! ;)

Wendy Lee

Ha ha Kelly!! :) You will *love* that is all I will say!!! xoxo

julie k

so far, so good! can't wait to see more!


no idea but so lovely color ! i am so exsiting...

ellen s

loving them so far!

Amy Y

I'm stumped on the themes but the colors are gorgeous... I especially love the first and third palettes.


LOVIN' the colors!! I am guessing a fall/halloween line and a Christmas/winter line.


OMGoddness, those a some gorgeous colors!!! I can't wait!!!!


Love all the color combos - the last one in particular!!! I'm guessing Valentines, Halloween, Fall and Christmas?????


The first one might be boy related. I'm hoping so at least! All great colors and I can't wait to see more!

Jessica Bree

Fun but can't wait to see more!

Raechelle Bellus

love the colors! Looking forward to seeing more!

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