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July 17, 2009


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Oh MY! I LOVE today's peeks, especially "those." "They" look like something I really, really want!!!

This is exciting!!!


I AM SO IN LOVE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. Now I have to wait until Monday....

Jana Eubank

Oh, my gosh!!! I'm DYING!!!! Stamps!!! and "those fluffy layers"!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!! I can't wait to see it all on Monday! :D :D :D


Wonderful peeks!!!!
Those '...' look soooo fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see it all on Monday!!!!!


I like everything I see, and even I can't see the whole "thing" I'm sure I "need" some of "them", can't wait to see them in accion.
I get happy when I see conpanies growing, congratulations!!!!

Jen Stock

Beautiful! I really think I am in love with all of it.


stamps and those new things :) and the fact that it's 65 in my "homeland" makes me happppppy!

Stephanie Buice

OOOO! Stamps!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm having a good day! Can't wait to see more.

Erika M

Fabulous news - love the sneek peek!!!

Wendy Lee

Great peek Stephanie!!
Love to see that everyone is as excited as us!!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Oooh, I can't wait to see how those girls in the booth look with those beautiful 6-layers of goodness! :) Love it all!




Thanks for the sneak peeks! So much fun!


They look like fun!!! Can't wait to see the stamps and are 'those' fabric flowers? canvass flowers maybe??? So exciting!

Laura Bruynell

Can't wait to see all of the stamps!


I am loving what I see!! I think I need "some" of "everything"!!! I agree, what is up with our silly weather here in WI? Anxiously awaiting MOnday!!


sooo excited to see the full reveal. i'm drooling already here!!!!

Erin Wells

Oh My...STAMPS! I'm so excited...and I'm guessing those are flowers. SO PRETTY! I can't wait to see them in person! Enjoy CHA! So proud of you!


WOW!! I am LOVIN' what I am seeing!! My guess is fabric flowers. I had no idea you were in WI! I'm on the IL/WI border!


The peeks are such a tease!!!! :) Well, can't wait to see the products in person.. so much fun!

laura j

Can't wait to see the stamps and it looks like those may be fabric flowers!?!


I put it up on facebook, love it and can't wait to see it all!

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