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July 15, 2009


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Reasons I love these peaks:
1. I have a boy
2. I love butterflies and i love scrapping my nieces pictures.
3. I LOVE camping ;) and
4. everything looks simply beautiful!!!


I've got pictures already planned
for these papers - can't wait 'til
I can get my hands on them!!!


Rock on...Love the boy and girl themes cause I have both. The big thing for us this summer is bike rides so I can use the outdoor themes. Way to rock it Steph.....


Oh my goodness... Like Kim.K, I already have pictures waiting to be used... And this is a very good opportunity!!!

I LOVE these new lines!!! Congratulations!!!


Erika M

I'm so loving these sneaks - can't wait!!!!

Kirsten H

Please, give us more!!


ADORE these sneaks!!!!!!
Can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!

Tanya K,

Love the sneaks! Especially love the 'anybody can be cool' quote! Can't wait to see more!

Lauri {Scrap Attack}

Yep, you have my attention! love what I've seen so far- love all your lines!


Awesome! I'm so drawn to the line with the camper. Love the natural feel. Can't wait to see the full thing! :)


I am LOVING these new lines!!! I have boys so the boys, robots and bugs is right up our alley! CAN'T wait to get these!!

Susan Dupre

oh these are really cute!!!


What cute lines! I love every one of them. SO cute!

Tricia Wilson

I already love what I see! I think my new favorite saying is, "Anybody can be cool, but awesome takes practice."!

Wendy Lee

great peeks Stephanie!

Your giving *lots* away!!
Everyone will love the full lines!!! :)

Jana Eubank

Oh, wow!!! :D :D :D

Kim M

SWOON, I am in love already!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Bella is absolutely the best!


Totally yum! I want them all now! The outdoorsy looking line especially is a must have! Makes me wanna plana camping trip just so I can play with the papers!


Your peeks have piqued my interest!!! TOTALLY LOVIN the pop up camper...what memories that brings back!!! Can't wait to see more...eh hem...and when is this stuff shipping? ;)


I am already setting pictures aside and waiting until I can get these... my daughter just got her first bike so I am particularly excited about that one... and I too have a boy & a girl, so I love the boy & girl themed lines!


These look like lines I could really use!!! The colors are awesome! And I always love to see paper I can use for boys :) Great job!


Everyone of these is a MUST have!


Oh Steph, I love these!!! These are going to be SO FUN!!! I have alot of pics I can think of that I haven't scrapped yet that I could use with these!! Love the colors and themes!!

Jenn Koss

Oh I am so happy to see these awesome PEEKS!! I can think of lot's of uses for the things I have seen already!!

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