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July 27, 2009


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Heather H.

Congratulations Jillian!!!!!

The booth looks great ladies!!!! Well done!!!!


WOW...you gals look a bit warm...but it will be worth it...and AnnaMarie Rocks!! Congrats Jillian!!!!


It looks Bella-fab...

I can't wait to see everything!


Congrats on the set up - can't wait to see what it looks like with all the goodies displayed.


See, those guys underestimate the power of Wisconsin women!!
The booth looks great so far- can't wait for the final reveal and close-ups.

Good luck at the show, Stephanie. You are going to WOW a whole lot of people!

(and the tote is adorable....... :) )

Julia Muscari

I feel for you in the heat--I've set up exhibits for conventions in there in the past, and it can be a challenge--know we're sending you cool vibes!


Can't wait to see more pictures of the complete work of art!
I'm so sorry for te 100 degrees, believe me I know...no, i haven't set up any booth..I live in Arizona!!!!


Try to stay cool...looks like fun despite the heat! Love the booth.


Love that TOTE . . . . . good luck at the show ladies ~ can't wait to see pictures!!


oooooh how I am missing everything! You got it all up pretty quick this time! That progress was at about 7:00 the second day last time! haha! Looks fabulous! Can't wait to see the finsihed product! The "hardwood floors" are great!

P.S. I see the ladder made the trip! Did he come to lunch as well?! I am thinking about you down in the heat! Oh you poor things!

P.P.S. We are so proud of you! Love you!


it looks great and I am so proud of you! Good Luck with everything. I wish I could be there to help. I'm glad you have some of those wonderful ladies. AnnaMarie you are amazing! :) Have a blast!!! Can't wait to see more. Love you!!!! Ciao Ciao.


Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Can't wait to get Bella Blvd in Charleston, NC!!

 jessica jo

it looks good so far! keep up the good work ladies!!! stay cool :)


Love them all, my fav is Camped Out line! Awesome!

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