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June 19, 2009


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Great to see your room Ania - it looks a lot like mine!

Wendy Lee

Love that your space is real, and worked in!!! Mine looks similar at the moment.....a few bags here and there, and a pile or 2 needing to be put away.

Great picture on the LO! Love your style! TFS :)

Anna Pontikis

Wow that looks like my scrap room, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I so agree with everything being in reach and that you somehow know where it is I am the same. Anna

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Yikes about your messy, but real, lived-in, scrapping-in-progress space. Thanks for posting! I think it made a lot of people feel like at least some of the "real" scrappers out there are real people, too! :)

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Yup that look's like my scraproom/guest rooom/storage room...I like that you show the real you...


I love your desk, that would work great for me and the size of my room, where did you get the curved desk?

Honey your room is tidy compared to mine right now:) I have moved down to my dining room, and it is messy now but I must create!

Erin Bassett

Thanks for showing you "real" SB space!!

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