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May 03, 2009


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Lori PaskVan

Okay so I think you posted right after I made my comment on the last post so too make sure I'm included I'm posting again! :) Oh, and just added you to our list of favorite blogs! We too had such a great weekend! Such inspiration and sooo much laughter! :)


Greetings from NC! My friend Rebecca and I bought paper in Atlanta and I'd love to win some more. I'll tell our friend Ann about your giveaway.

Melanie Blackburn

Fun giveaway Stephanie!!! I had mentioned this on my favorite online store Love Is In The Details!!! Good luck to all that enter.

Oh yeah, I'm from Ottawa Canada!

Happy NSD Stephanie. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

mia clarke

Hey Stephanie!! Awesome giveaways, I was sent here by Mel Blackburn!!

Melissa Ferguson


Mel from Canada sent me! :)

My name is Melissa and I'm from Canada also, I'd loooove a chance to win this giveaway! So much fun, and I love your stuff!

Lisa T.

Woohoo, what fantastic prizes!!! My friend Mel B. sent me over!! :)

Winnipge,MB, Canada

Becky Holmes

Thanks for such a great weekend! So great to meet you and Gail...I love your line and look forward to seeing your newest designs soon! I'll be sharing your blog with all my friends

Chelsea Miller

Mel B sent me here too!!!! :) I'm from northern Manitoba, Canada!!! AWESOME prizes!


Hi I'm from Australia. Great prizes. I love your products.


Hi, I'm from North Carolina! Melissa from Canada referred me! :)

jane rogers

I heard about your fabuous contest from M. Blackburn. I'm from Quebec Canada and I love your site and all the fabulous stuff you have on it !

Kim McNair

Hi Stephanie and Gail, had such a great time with you this weekend in Atlanta. My friend Liz reminded me to come over and check your site out.We both loved Gail's little book.
Much success to you. Monroe, NC

Aphra Bolyer

Hi there....even though I'm from Louisiana instead of Australia, Melanie Blackburn sent me! Love your products and these fabulous prizes.


What awesome giveaways! Stephanie and Gail it was a pleasure to meet you and hang out this weekend at the Scrap Etc. Event. I am glad to hear the travels were smooth. I have posted the giveaway on my blog and FB. Good luck to all who enter!

Sandi Keene

I really enjoyed spending time with you and Gail in Atlanta. What a great weekend. Please tell "Bossy Lady" that her make and take was wonderfully creative. I have already shown it to several people and told them about your products. I know Margie was right about your company going to straight to the stars!
Stay in touch-
Sandi from FL.

laura stewart

hi - it's Laura from Indiana


What an awesome giveaway! I'm going to invite my friends at Have Your Way With Paper (www.haveyourwaywithpaper.com)! They will love this. :)


Hi there! This is Barbara, Sandi's pal from THE event (pink and black aprons and flowered headbands). We've been checking your site all day for the giveaway...glad you're home safely. Loved meeting you; inspired by your creativity. Forwarded your link to my pal Stacey, owner of the Scrappy Boutique in Orlando.

Julie Collier

I'm Julie from Alabama. Becky Holmes sent me here.


Jenny sent me!!..I'm Rosemary from Florida!! (HYWWP) This is so cool!!

Linh C

Hello, that was a great Scrap Etc. Event in Atlanta! Tina sent me here, but I would have made it anyway because I remembered you told us to at the Event.

I'm in Birmingham, AL.

Jill Crossfield

HI Stephanie,

Glad you had a good trip home- I attended the event from Tampa and just got here myself. I really loved the make and take- brought home some of the paper and have already posted your website to our local yahoo group-brandonscrappers! I'll be calling my LSS to put in my request for your lines!

Christie M

Hey Stephanie! Good to meet you at the event in ATL. Bought some of your paper there and can't wait to use it! I'll be sure to remind the rest of "The T-shirt Girls" (as Lisa T kept calling us) about your giveaway!

Christie from Birmingham


Forgot to say where I'm from.....Breckenridge, Texas!!!!!!


tina lindsay sent me
i'm rhonda from alabama

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