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February 04, 2009


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Wendy Lee

OOooo, Stephanie,

you rocked that LO! That paper doesn't get any better than that!! And I personally love to use staples myself, doesn't get any easier than that!! I loved what you did with the ribbon and the staples! Awesome LO and inspiration!! XOXO

Olivia M

Your layout is great! I've only used staples once or twice on my layouts. I liked it, but I think it's not something that comes immediately to mind to use. I'll have to remeber to use more often.

Nikki D

i love love love to use staples. its one of my fave things to add to a page. great LO btw.


I love this layout!! I never thought to use the ribbon like that! Great use of the staples!! I need to try this. :)


i was always afraid to use them until i went to a scrap and one gal let me borrow hers. i loved them. of course, they were perfect for my travel layout. i stapled the tickets to the page, just like they USED to do with airline tickets. boarding pass was stapled to your ticket along with your baggage claim tickets. was it really that long ago?


You know how I feel about staples!!!!

Colleen F

I have used staples and like them at the right time, but a judge at our county fair docked me for using staples.


I looove staples!!! I think I staple on almost every layout :o)


I am a big fan of using staples. I think it is so easy & convenient. Great Layout! I Love it!!!

Emily Jones

I personally LOVE staples! They add some funk and texture and save you money on glue dots! LOL!

Great Layout!


I lov using them on my layouts whenever I do .. it gives it a neat lil look.

Jana Eubank

I really like using staples! What a great example! This layout is adorable!

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