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November 03, 2008


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Kara Schwartz

scarey movies scare me! can't watch 'em - I'll be thinking about them for days if I even see a commercial for one!


Ohmygoodness! How adorable! Congrats Allyson!

Something that scares me...Oh! I know....when you watch a scary movie at night with your girlfriends and then have to walk to your car in the dark to drive home. I know it's dumb, but I always feel like something from the movie is gonna jump out at me before I get in my car!

Heather H.

Congratulations Allyson!!!! Welcome Alivia Jo!!!!

What scares me most is something happening to one of my children, my hubby or me. My family is so precious to me --- I can't imagine anything happening to it. I want us all to be safe and healthy so that we can enjoy our life together.

Ally Prieto-Valle

Congrats Allyson, she's beautiful!!

It might seem a bit strange but one thing that has always scared me is fires... I've never had an incident that would have cause such an impression on me, but it's something that I am terrified of.

Patti Y

Congrats on the baby girl Allyson!

What scares me are horror movies, I can't watch them if I want to be able to sleep peacefully.

marla - #3291

Congrats Allyson on a sweet baby boy. I dont like spooky and gory things they really scare me.


I love little Alivia Jo!! Congrats again Allyson!

PS, I am afraid of scary movies, spiders, and most things with more than 4 legs.....sometimes the dark.


What a cutie, congrats Allyson!

My biggest fear is driving a car into water and being trapped... I even have nightmares of this happening every once in a while. I totally wake up with the heebie-jeebies!


Congrats Allyson!

Spiders scare me - I can't get their hairy little bodies out of my mind when I see them... I'm getting all twitching just typing this ~lol~

connie melancon

Congrats on the new baby!

Something that scares me is losing a someone close to me (parent, child, grandchild, ect). Other than that spiders, snakes and fire.


Congrats Allyson. What scares me more than anything is something happening to someone I love and I am also afraid of failing those that I love. As for lessor fears. Heights and creepy crawlers.


Thank you . . . .I am sure Alivia Jo appreciates the warm welcome from all!!!!! She is doing great . . . . and such an easy baby!!

oxox Allyson

Amy J Bagnall

Frogs! It's probably about the only irrational fear I have, but I'm so freaked by them. When i was in 7th grade, we had to dissect them! Ooooh, yuck.
I'm new to your products, but they are lovely!

Patty W

Congratulations on Aliva Jo, beautiful baby!

I'm afraid of losing my family, they are the most precious thing in my life!


Haunted Houses. I'm terrified of them!


What a beautiful baby!

I'm most afraid of those noises in the night. I hate windy nights the most!!


The thing that scares me would be something happening to one of my loved ones.


What scares me the most... my son will soon be driving.


I'm most afraid of BUGS! Any kind. Thanks for a chance at some of your sweet candy.


OK I admit it, I am not a fraidy Cat. not much scares me...I am the crazy neighbor outside in her robe with a bat and flashlight if I hear a noise...I am the mom who kills bees and spiders....I am the queen or horror flicks...but man you get one of those creepy house centipedes near me??...not the little outdoors ones, but the BIG ones they have in VA....OMG those little alien looking things scare the heck out of me. I would assume fight off Zombies then face one centipede in my house!

Christina #4635

Beautiful little baby!
Ghost stories scare me and Ghost tours through old towns scare me. Once I found out AFTER checking in that our hotel was on the Ghost Tour Trail. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night.

Karee Sue

congrats on a beautiful baby girl.
what scares me most is having to go outside alone after dark, I know it sounds silly but the shadows sometimes seem scarry.

Patty B

Beautiful baby, congrats.

Speaking in public scares me. If there's more than two people that I am not familiar with I start to sweat and cry. Kinda crazy.


Ok first congrats to the new mommy and daddy.....always such a nice gift..........What scares me is I guess big ugly spiders....where I live this is the time for Tranchelas *sp* and I found one crawling on the bricks of our house....my did I get goose bumps.......and shivered.....just a creapy thought to have one crawling on me......ug
thanks for sharing.

Tara Capewell

Ohhh...how cute is the bub's!!
What scares me?Well it would have to be funnellweb spiders! they can kill you in 1 hour with just 1 bite you know! and we live in funnell web city!(well the blue mountains!) YUCK! they give me the creeps!

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