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October 31, 2008


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Debbi Hyden

this economy scares me these days! watching our retirement funds and our kids college funds shrinking..!!!

Lauri Greene

Happy Halloween everyone! I am afraid of spiders and snakes - actually all bugs! Yuck!


I'm scared of spiders and snakes. One big fear is pulling our camp trailer on bad roads (ice, snow, gravel, narrow dirt steep hills, etc).

Alecia Castro

The thing that comes to mind that really scares me is driving in the rain, ACCKKK!! It never fails, I become a nervous wreck (no pun intended)!!

Thanks for the chance at an awesome fun mail package!!


I hope everyone has a great Halloween. I am really afraid of snakes. I hate snakes.

Carolyn Lontin

Happy Halloween!!

A good scary book can give me the creeps for months!


im scared of spiders and snakes but most of all im scared of death.

Kelly B.

Halloween frights include haunted houses and scarey movies- it's the suspense and lack of control that gets me much more than the blood or gore.

Day to day, I am scared of something bad happening to my loved ones. Life is so fragile and precious. (I just realized that this fear is also a lack of control, too!)

Robin O

Happy Halloween :) Failure scares me - snakes too.


Yup, it's spiders and snakes for me too. And all stinging insects!


Fire. I have had nightmares about being trapped in a fire since I was a child. We have a fire place now and I would never allow a fire to be lit in it. I don't light birthday candles. I tie up my curtains all winter so they don't touch the heat registers. I run back in the house to double check that I turned off the oven (sometimes twice). I let someone else roast my marshmallows while I sit inside if there is a bonfire.

This also extends to gas stoves, fireworks and thunderstorms- which, in my mind, start fires.

Now I need to go eat some Halloween candy and try to get on with my day!

Jessica Ball

I am afraid of tiny little frogs! I worked at a Girl Scout camp for many years that was covered in these frogs! When you would go out to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night they would jump all over you. Eeeekkk! Still freaks me out just thinking about it!

Julie Detlef

What a great prize! I am afraid of spiders and noises in the dark.


Let's see I am afraid of scary movies. My dh and I make a great pair in that sense. Neither one of us can stand to sit through one! LOL


I hate creepy crawly bugs. Yuck!

Ria Mojica

I am seriously scared of ghosts. They are so much a part of our local folklore that I "know" they exist and just kinda tell them... "I know you're there, just don't let me see you." Haha!

christina leach

I'm afraid of:
failure, being alone, hurting someone, ... oh, yea, and snakes.


The creepy crawlies get me jumping every time!!


Let me see oh yes dentists. Heights and alligators under the bed. Did I mention dentists? Let me think-DENTISTS!!!


I'm afraid of squirrels

Heather H.

In addition to my fears about something happening to my family or me, I am afraid of snakes and spiders.

Karin #4472

This may sound silly - but I'm afraid of the dark.... I can't sleep when it's dead silent in the house. I can't go down in the basement if the lights aren't on before I go... and if by chance my darling husband closes them while I'm on my way up I freeze in my tracks. I don't know where this fear comes from, but it sometimes gets really bad and I have a panic attack. Silly I know - I should be over this fear... but I guess I never outgrew it.

Thanks for RAK oppertunity.


Tkx for sharing a RAK :=)

Turtlelady #1715

EVE #5012

I'm not afraid of snakes,but if I see one, I scream so loud that I think the whole world can hear me.

Mardi #2569

Snakes scare the bageebers out of me!

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